Thursday, September 1, 2011

Hello everyone,
Things have been busy here in Brownsville, Pennsylvania. The field work on my two steamboat captain's houses is coming to an end, and artifact analysis is quite underway. I am using Stanley South's methodology for acquiring a mean ceramic date for the sites as well as his approach for categorizing the artifacts.

I still have a mystery on my hands, and perhaps you my fellow readers, archaeologists, and historians can help me. Hopefully a relation to this very intriguing steamboat captain might be able to shed light on his life. I am currently researching a Captain James Gormley who lived in Brownsville PA from 1850-1860. His wife's name is Sarah, and their children's names are: Frances, John, Henry, Neal, Charles, Sallie, William, James, and Nellie. James participated in the Battle of Pittsburgh Landing in 1862 and his family may have moved to St. Louis. I'm trying to figure out if James is related to John Gormley the banker from Bucryus Ohio (who also had a son James, but his birthday makes him too old.) Any info would be appreciated on this family. I am trying to figure out James; parents here in PA.
If anyone has any information, or perhaps you are related to this family, then I can share with you some of the cool material culture that is associated with your family!

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