Sunday, July 5, 2009

July 4th Dunlap Creek Bridge Celebration!

Hi All!

Here is a video of the speech I gave at the commemoration of the first cast iron bridge in the United States built in Brownsville, Pennsylvania. I want to correct right from the start two mistakes I made while speaking up there. Call it nerves or adrenaline, but I miss spoke when I said that the date of the first cast iron bridge in the world at Coalbrookdale England was 1791-- in fact it is 1779. The second oversight was when I said that no other cast iron bridges were built until the Dunlap Creek Bridge in 1836-39! Of course there were! Many cast iron bridges were built after Coalbrookdale throughout Europe, just none in the United States. I even say in the talk that the bridge over the river Seine, Pont du Carrousel, was built in 1834. Anyhow, watch the video, feel free to comment.

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