Sunday, May 13, 2012

I'm tired of teaching what was here...

Hello Everyone,

This little post comes after some feedback on my Facebook page. I thought it was appropriate so I'll post it here as well. The discussion started as several of our historic buildings here in Brownsville, Pennsylvania are being threatened. Not threatened by developer or the state; no they are threatened by the people we elect into our local government.

You expect that the people we elect to be the stewards of our town, they would protect that which is valuable to its community and preserve the fabric of our heritage. Instead, to your face they speak of valuing the core of the community but in their seats of power they tear the very fabric down. Instead of preserving and look to the future they are blind to the past, only because they do not understand that the wealthiest of communities have embraced their heritage and profited from it.

Two million dollars were allocated to Brownsville. I heard two million reasons to tear it down, and not a single reason to preserve it. These politicians want to rule over a community of rubble. In one instance a comment was made on Facebook over the destruction of the Mitchell House by a senior member of the Brownsville Council, "Tear it down!". How can we move forward as a community when those elected prefer a wrecking ball over using their head to move the community forward? I cannot take a stand alone, the culture of the community must change. I'm tired of teaching about what was there; it would be nice to teach about how we saved the town.

Photo courtesy of Phillip Shandorf

Mitchell House. Photo courtesy of the Brownsville Telegraph Online. 

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  1. I moved to Brownsville 6 years ago. Although not my home town I find the history and structures quite interesting. I am very interested in preserving some of the buildings. Although I am not sure what needs to be done, I am willing to learn and help in any way I can. Please contact me. I am on facebook. Lucinda Fields

  2. Lucinda, thanks for the comment! Please stop down at Brownsville Archaeology Month and see the excavations going on there. We are located behind the Flat Iron Building. I can fill you in on some of the historic preservation plans that are on the horizon for the town, if only the Council will listen. And please, follow my blog!

  3. My friend and I visited Brownsville last September. We spent about 3 days there. We have pictures of the Mitchell House interior as it was in September, along with a multitude of other pictures. I am scared and devastated that these buildings are being torn down.


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